ADC-44 Conveyer by ADS

American Dish Service’s 244 Rack/Hr Low Temp Conveyor Dishwasher (ADC-44-L) is a unit that provides quick dish turnaround in busy restaurant settings. It has the capability to wash up to an impressive 244 standard-sized (19.75” x 19.75”) dish racks per hour. The ADC-44-L has a conveyor to run the dish racks through the washer. The conveyor is a breeze to use and only operates when racks are inserted, saving water. This unit is a low temp dishwasher with a water temperature of 120°F. The American Dish Service ADC-44-L is constructed out of heavy-duty stainless steel to withstand the daily use of commercial foodservice operations.

Product Literature


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  • Auto cut-off
  • Self-purging
  • Quiet operation
  • Dual rinsing system
  • Water curtain rinse feature
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 360 square inches of washing action
  • Wide opening access doors with safety interlock
  • Motor ratings: 3 HP wash, 1/3 HP rinse, 1/3 HP conveyor
  • Heater ratings: 12kw wash, 2.25kw rinse


  • Drain pump filter eliminated clogged jets and wash pump obstructions
  • Captive end caps allow for quick cleaning of spray arms
  • Dual fail-safe heater controls mean that heaters only operate when the tank is full
  • Fail-safe conveyor system eliminated damaged racks and has a slip clutch design to stop rack movement

Wash Cycle Information

  • NSF rated capacity: 244 racks/hour
  • Conveyor speed: 6.8 ft/min
  • Water consumption: 0.49 gal/rack
  • Total gallons per hour: 120 gph
  • Final rinse temp (20 psi): 120°F
  • Sanitizer: 50ppm chlorine

Additional Considerations

  • 0.75” diameter water inlet
  • 2” diameter drain connection
  • Not recommended for use with tankless water heaters.
  • Dish racks are sold separately
  • Must specify direction (L-R or R-L) during ordering process
  • Contact a Sales Specialist for information about options and accessories, such as sheet pan racks and Hubbell booster heaters