Leasing with Aqua Solutions

Leasing is a great way to affordably own one of our new dishwashers or glass washers, and if you would like to find out more information read on, contact us or phone 315.415.6777

At Aqua Solutions, we understand that your dishwasher is often the beating heart behind the smooth operation of a commercial kitchen, as a glasswasher is to a successful working bar.

However, they are all too often overlooked, until that is, something goes wrong and they break down or pack in altogether. Inevitably this will be during busy service on a Saturday night! For the busy bar or kitchen, this is a nightmare.

Often, you will not have budgeted for a new machine, and will be faced with having to buy a new dishwasher or glass washer when you least expected it. All of our machines are competitively priced with great service attached, though there are times when buying a machine outright is not best for your business…

Leasing is a great option for a commercial kitchen to have as sometimes it is not as viable to spend the cash associated with such a capital equipment purchase, especially when it is not expected.

Aqua Solutions have a range of customers that have leased our dishwashers and glass washers over either 3 years or 5 years. Often, this leads to our customers buying a higher spec’d machine than they could normally afford in order to help future proof their kitchen, with a full Parts & Labor warranty included for the duration of the lease – Great result!

Aqua Solutions Dish Machines Programs

Rental Agreement programs

Rent the machine on a set term agreement and on the anniversary date of the term, it will renew it self for a year to year term moving forward. These rental agreements are normally a 3 -year agreement that includes the use of Aqua Solutions cleaning supplies as part of the agreement. All parts and service are covered under this agreement.

Lease to Own Program

Lease the machine for a 5 -year term and at the end of the term –there will be a buy out option of either 10% or $1.00 depending on the lease agreement. This agreement also includes the use of Aqua Solutions cleaning supplies during this term. All parts and service are covered under this agreement.

Purchase Agreement

Aqua Solutions offers an outright purchase program that has a 12-month warranty included for all parts and labor.