L Series by ADS

The “L” Series

DECREASES your Chemical Usage SAVES on Sewer Surcharges REDUCES Heating Costs LOWERS Water Bills

Product Documents

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  • Top Mount Controls
  • Exterior Mounted Chemical Pump Heads
  • Quick-disconnect, Easy Service Access, Electrical Controls
  • True 3-Door Design, with only 2 Doors opening in either configuration
    • Eliminates water on back wall
    • Doors stay in alignment
  • Eye-Level Temperature Gauge
  • Built-in De-liming Switch Large Capacity Internal
  • Scrapper (Inside Sump Only)
  • No-Adjustment Solenoid Replacement
  • 1 1/2 H.P. Wash & Rinse Pump Prime Switches
  • Automatic Chemical Feed
  • Nylatron® Strips to Protect Stainless Doors